Our Survival Server is based around a vanilla Minecraft Multiplayer Survival experience.

Map Number: 1
MInecraft Version: 1.13.2

Survival Rules

  • Griefing outside of claims is not allowed. But if you add someone to your claim and they grief, it is your own fault and we will be unable to rollback.
  • No rude or vulgar language
  • Everyone is equal and should be treated as such
  • Do not ask for items, ranks, OP or money
  • No hacking, hacked clients or xray texture packs.
  • Do not abuse glitches.

Survival Features

  • No pre-set World Border. Explore to your hearts content.
  • End and Nether Portal creation is disabled. However, we have public End & Nether Portals at our Portal Hub.
  • It is recommended that you do not build in the End or Nether world as they are subject to frequent resets.
  • Use /warps for our Warp List GUI
  • mcMMO is enabled.
    • Check all of your mcMMO Levels with /mcstats
    • Check a list of the top Power Levels on the server with /mctop
    • Check details and special perks of a specific mcMMO skill with /skill
  • MobArena
    • Minimum Players required for the arena to start: 1
    • Earn rewards by surviving and killing all of the mobs.
    • Check a list of MobArena commands with /ma help
  • Jobs
    • Jobs pay you for completing everyday tasks such as mining, woodcutting and enchanting.
    • Choose a job and find out more information about our jobs at the Jobs NPC
    • Leave a job with /jobs leave (jobname)
  • Free Rank Ladder
    • Rank up using the /rankup command to progress through the Free Ranks.
    • Rank Perks are shown with /ranks.
    • Donators instantly bypass all of these ranks.
  • Land Claiming
    • Claim your own area of land using a gold shovel.
    • Tutorial Video: arkn.ml/claim
    • Donate to access more claim blocks
  • Random Teleportation using /rtp
  • Spawn Plotworld
    • Claim a plot using the sign on the gold block by the Plot Border.
    • Make sure to extend your rent when you need
    • If your rent runs out, the whole plot will be cleared and you will lose your progress. We are unable to restore this.
  • We have a Minion Plugin
    • Use minions to automate your everyday processes such as fishing and farming.
    • Rank up through the rank ladder to unlock more minion types /ranks
      • Miner Minion - mines the block in front of it. Upgrade to essentially give the minion silk touch and fortune
      • Slayer Minion - kills any mobs in a 3x3x3 radius. Upgrade it to expand the area.
      • Collector Minion - collects any items in a 3x3x3 radius. Upgrade it to expand the area.
      • Feeder Minion - heals nearby minions. Upgrade it to expand the area.
      • Lumberjack Minion - chops wood and leaves in a 4x4x4 radius. Upgrade it to expand the area.
      • Farmer Minion - farms crops in a 4x4x4 radius. Upgrade it to expand the area.
      • Fisher Minion - catches fish if water is infront of it. Upgrade it to catch more fish.


Morphs allow you to transform into a mob. To unlock a specific morph, you must kill 1x of that mobtype. You unlock more morphs as you rankup. To use a morphs ability, you must shift and left click.
Each morph has an ability:

- Creepers explode when the die, or when triggered.
- Bats, Ghast and Blazes can fly
- Rabbits have jump boost
- Squids and Guardians have waterbreathing
- Horses and Ocelots have speed
- Snowmen place snow wherever they walk
- Iron golems have strength
- Ghasts and blazes can shoot fireballs
- Endermen can teleport
- Spiders can climb walls
- Snowmen can throw snowballs
- Zombies can eat their own flesh without getting poisoned
- Pigmen have speed
- Spiders can throw webs
- Llamas can spit
- Slimes have jump boost
- Evokers use their trap ability

Survival Game Mechanic Changes

  • Lava and fire spread is disabled.
  • PvP is enabled in the Wilderness but disabled in claims.
  • TNT and Creeper Block Damage is disabled.
  • Game Difficulty is set to normal.
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